Susan Castille Bible Study


Introduction to Susan

Hello. My name is Susan Castille. I’m a laywoman in the Catholic Church in the diocese of Lafayette Louisiana. About 35 years ago, I was asked to start a Bible study in our church. My first class consisted of thirty-five women who began a journey with me that has lasted all these years and has grown to about 150 people! Our team has grown to include more than 20 people who manage all the details. I have taught in 6 Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Lafayette, and lead retreats and missions.

— Susan Castille

About the Program

This website presents several Bible Study Series consisting of weekly lessons. In each lesson, there will be an introduction and lecture. The introductory talk is about twenty minutes long, followed by a group discussion lasting about an hour, and concluding with a lecture that is about forty minutes. When possible, we have included weekly notes. These notes outline each introduction and lecture. To get the most out of any series, it is better to have the commentary. Some of the commentaries are printed books that you will purchase yourself. For other series, we have written our own commentaries which are available as a pdf document found on each series page. We encourage the use of commentaries for group discussions because they contain information and questions for discussion. The faith experience is greatly enhanced by group sharing. There are not many venues where we can honestly question and discuss our faith with Christian seekers like ourselves! We have found over the years that this format provides each student with the same information three times and from three perspectives: once in the commentary readings given each week, once in the group discussion, and again in the talks. We are looking at the subject from three different angles. This facilitates memory and understanding. It is important to know, not only what the Bible says, but it is also important to know what it meant to the people to whom it was written. Only then can we interpret its meaning for ourselves. Our prayers go with you as you embark on what is always a rewarding experience-encountering God through His word, the Bible.