Susan Castille Bible Study

“Thy Will Be Done”: What Is God’s Will for Me?

One of the most perplexing questions in nearly every life at some point, is: “What is God’s will for me?” This can be asked in many instances. “Is it your will, God, that I have cancer? If not, why don’t you cure me?” “Is it God’s will that my house burned down?” “Why did he let my child’s life be ruined by a drunk driver?” If God is the the Master of the Universe, why has he allowed these tragedies to occur? Seeking God’s will in making decisions can be just as hard.  We earnestly pray for guidance and yet feel no surety that his answer is forthcoming! “Why doesn’t he think of a better system for communication- a text in the sky perhaps?!” we might ask. These questions, improperly answered, can completely distort our image of a loving God, and a Good Shepherd. Many years ago I found a wonderful book which helped me to better understand the answers to these questions. It is called The Will of God by Leslie B. Weatherhead. I have used this book, as the outline of this course, along with extensive reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the book Sacred Fire by Father Ronald Rolheiser. My prayer is that you will find information about the teaching of our Catholic faith, comfort and hope in learning more about the will of God in your life in this short four-week course. Commentary available.

Week 1: The Providential Will of God

Week 2: The Permissive Will of God

Week 3: The Preeminent Will of God

Week 4: Perceiving the Will of God